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If you want to know to how to do meditation you are at right place. here you can read and learn about proper ways to do meditation. you can also read about basic and benefits of meditation.

Meditation is the thing which can change your life completely it will make your brain and heart clean and make you soul pure it will helps you to avoid negative thought and thing. and give your body positive energy and always make you feel happy.

There are many courses, website and apps available on the internet also available offline. they teaches you to do meditation in only that ways but you can do meditation anytime anywhere. meditation in not about any strictness you can do meditation according to your comfort. but you need to do meditation daily which helps you to switch off from all of your tension and anxiety while doing meditation. there are many problems in our daily life like tension and stress. there are many benefits of doing meditation for long term and all the benefits are scientific proved.

There is no fixed technique of doing meditation if you are in temple, mosque or in a church or at any other calm place lie down here and close your eyes for minutes of time and try to focus and connect to god from all your heart and mind without any other thoughts in your mind that is also a meditation.

Beleive me only in one or two month of meditation can change your life completely and change the view on how you see the world. meditation  gives us positive energy or vibes in our body and life. in a research it is found that doing meditation for year can change the size of our brain it will shrink the bad parts of our brain and expand the good parts of our brain and make good impact good on our brain  physically and psychology and change the state of mind.

Meditation will change your life completely not every common person don't know the power of meditation. meditation affect the every part of your life. it will helps to connect the conscious and subconscious mind and with the help of better connection between both minds you can manifest the reality as you like.
how to do meditation

In the year of 2011 at harvard university it is found that only 8 weeks of meditation can change the size of brain and it release chemical which make feel happy and positive and improve the learning and concentration power of brain. meditation affect posterior cingulate cortex ( pcc ) of our brain which helps to control
negative thought and bad moments. in our life meditation affect the temporo parieatl junction ( tpj ) part of our brain which helps to control emotions. there is part in our brain named amygdala which is responsible for stress, anxiety and stress fear. but with the help of meditation you can control stress, anxiety and fear.

If you are underweight or overweight don't worry about it. meditation helps to maintain the amount of metabolism which gives perfect weight according to your body type and help to maintain the stress, anxiety and tension there is a protein named  c-reactive which is responsible for heart related diseases. meditation helps to decrease the amount of c-reactive protein prevent you many type of disease. only two or three month of meditation helps to control the hypertension, blood pressure and many other disease.

Meditation enable a man to recognise his internal form which is 'atman' and in identity of spirit or consciousness with gross body. with the help of meditation human developes and pierce the chakras of sushmana nadi going through mooladhara.

Methods of meditation:-

Lie down in a peacefull, neat and clean garden or in a room. stretch the body. and forget the world which has caused you tension. now relaxing mind and body try to concentrate on our breathing and enter slowly in yourself now recite 'om' silently with the breath going in or and out feel that the whole room is vibrating with sound of 'om'.

how to do meditation

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