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Motivational Quotes - I will win

I will win

Motivational Quotes - I will win
Motivational Quotes - I will win

You try to stop me
I'll tell you what a storm is

You try to break me
I'll let you know what rock is

You try to take me away
I will explain what the edge is

When you get tired of breaking me
Even then you will rest under a tree growing in my foothills

The world is after that me, not  I am after the world
When you get tired of shedding me
Even then you will live near me

Because even though you are sea
But I am also the edge
And you always have to be on the edge
If you want to defame me
I will tell you what the truth is
Your question on my character
I'll let you know what the trust is

No one is with me today
Walking alone on a lonely journey
Those who were with me for selfishness have left behind
You try to leave me alone
I will tell you how to make a convoy alone
You leave me in the dark
I will tell you how to make unknown fireflies friends

I'm alone but not weak
I'm alone but not lost
I'm alone, but there is no selfishness
I'm alone but on the way of the aim
I'm alone, but courage is enough
I'm alone but good intentions
I'm alone but proud of my decision
I'm alone but going forward

And if there is any exam, then take it
I will answer every question
you will get tired of listening
Those who trouble in my way
You can't stop me
Because of those who dare to climb to the stars
Do not stop from a mountain
And if you want to raise your finger
then try

Someday you will bow down in front of my truth
It will only take a while
I just have to sacrifice my sleep
I just have to sweat in hard-work
Even if I fell while doing this
People won't call me a coward; they'll call me a sacrifice
They won't call my intentions fear
They will call it passion

I may be black
but I will not get any more color
You ask me a lot of questions
Now I will answer to them
I have given up hope of getting someone's true company.
I have given up hope of loyalty from someone
I have turned my life away from the world on the path of stubbornness
And I am saying last time
that I was true
I had good intentions
I never wanted anyone's bad
I never betrayed anyone
But your habit is bad
You still won't understand
So Now
Just do my work
Will fight alone
Will lose alone
But one day
I will win
It's not the matter on my fame
But I will raise the name of my country in the world

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