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Take Risk

Take Risk

Destiny says that 'You have to achieve a lot
and in order to get that many sufferings have to be borne.

Some people do not get out of their comfort zone
don't take risks and live their life as it is running,
Many people in life live in their routine everyday things
And living this kind of normal life
they go away from this world

But those who want to progress, want to move ahead
They without any hesitation, go forward in their goal,

It is likely that they might flounder
they might not end up where they wanted
But nobody in the world can snatch from them
the satisfaction they have,
'at-least they tried to do something worth.'
 Never try to be good in someone else's eyes
 We've come alone, and we'll go alone
 We'll cut the fruits of the actions we perform

Forget the past
 focus on the present
 Don't worry about what will happen
You're entitled only to perform your actions
your rewards will be given by destiny,

and it will do that.
Great deeds
will yield great fruits. 

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