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Does a receding hairline always mean baldness?

Is it possible for lost hair to grow back?

Yes, lost hair can grow back. As we are born, the hair follicles, which are little sacs placed in our scalp and produced when we are babies. 

So we don't get any new follicles, but those existing ones, they changed, primarily due to testosterone. Once testosterone binds to the hair follicle, and it happens in both in men and women, hair follicles slowly get smaller and the smaller follicles we get, the tinier the hair they can produce and after several years of this damage, there are no more follicles being able to produce hair growth.

So, if a doctor tries to help the patient, it's crucially important for them to visit a clinic as soon as possible and hair loss, or let's say early signs of alopecia, can be noticeable by specialists – those who have been properly trained and who have a lot of experience. 

So, when this patient is recognised, the doctor would advise patients to start using medicines, and the sooner they start, the better results they get. Now, when the doctor began treating patients, the doctor usually tells them that we can achieve regrowth from those existing follicles, which are really small, but still able to produce new hair fibres. 

But if you have a patient who has lost all of his hair or her hair and this is lasting for years or decades, then probably this is very unlikely.

When your hair fall starts which may lead to baldness & These things totally depend on your heredity if it exists in your family, if your father has the same problem, then you're more likely to suffer from it

how  you solve this kind of problems

First time when you realised that you are suffering from this, I know you tried many things such as a serum, roller,
onion juice, castor oil, parachute oil but you didn't get out of this. After that, you will decide to visit a dermatologist And this should be your first step that when you realise that you're having hair loss or receding hair then at first you need to visit a dermatologist.

the specialist will tell you the cause of it because In some cases, you may have hair fall due to scalp infection, the problem is known as Androgenetic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness which is related to your heredity

Generally, most of the people suffer from this and the truth is, it cannot be cured. There are some things which are related to your heredity, cannot be changed, such as your height, colour complexion, eye colour or hair

But there are some medications by which we can delay that problem for 3-4 years, Basically, There are 4 types of medications by which this problem can be cured They are Propecia, Finasteride, Rogaine and Minoxidil.

In other words, these are present in the medicines that Dr. prescribes to you. Because these ingredients help in reducing hair fall and also helps in hair regrowth. Using these for about 6-12 months you will be able to see the difference your hair fall will be reduced and you will have hair regrowth 

The only disadvantage of using these is you have to apply it continuously. For example, you are using it for a 3-4 years
But, it will only work if u have not yet totally lost your hair follicles i.e. if you have lost all your hair and you are bald,
in that case, it may or may not work.

1. It's a natural product
2. it has no side effect.
3. and you will surely observe the change.
It contains 2 different things The first thing is Scalp Stimulant & the second one is Restoration Serum 

Scalp Stimulant is specially formulated to open the pores in areas where you have experienced hair loss and prepare your scalp to receive the Restoration Serum.

What you have to do?

Step 1: Apply the Regrowz Scalp Stimulant where there is hair loss. You should apply enough Scalp Stimulant on to the scalp to be able to massage the product over the desired areas and wait for 30 mins.

Step 2: After 30 mins. Pour a few drops of Restoration Serum into the palm of your hand and then evenly apply the solution to the scalp where you have suffered hair loss.

It is worth covering some of the existing hair to give this hair further strength and thickness. Massage the solution into your scalp for one minute. Then again wait for 30 mins.

Leave the solution on until the morning. The following morning, wash off the solution with a mild shampoo.

One more thing like to add that try to cover your head with a cloth or handkerchief or cover the pillow with a cloth or towel to avoid stains.

About this Brand. The name of the Brand is Regrowz. This is a UK Brand which makes products that are clinically proven & made from natural products.

The company claims that their products do not have any side effects and their customer reviews are pretty awesome 

Anyway, if you're one of a kind who doesn't want to get into such stuff and you want to get 100% results Then Hair Transplant is the only treatment for it You'll get 100% result in Hair Transplant

In India, the price of Hair Transplant Surgery is reducing day by day. You can go for it because it is the only treatment where you are guaranteed with 100% Result

for women 
So hair is girls crowing glory
We see it everywhere but on our head Especially as you start getting older One of the biggest problems is hair loss A lot of women are facing this How do you keep your mane truly shining

What are the main reasons for hair loss And what can we do about it? 
Fat and hair are never where you want them to be They refuse to be at the right places. It is not in our hands But with hair health, your mane to be shiny, clean, bouncy, voluminous.

you need to understand that our hair has three cycles. anagen, catagen and telogen.50% of hair are in anagen which is the growth phase This is the time of your life when you are in college Nice bouncy hair, catagen is the resting phase, Telogen which is the falling phase 

This happens naturally, But if you are losing an excessive amount of hair then you will be taken care of it definitely, you want aware of this.

  • Hormonal disturbances
  • nutritional supplementation
  • When you are getting your blood test done
  • Make sure that your vitamins are checked

hypothyroidism is a cause of hair fall - Which causes female pattern baldness, Take the thyroid medication timely.
B12, D6, Hemoglobin and Iron level also need to maintain.
Stay away from chemical treatments like:-

  • Brazilian blowouts
  • Keratin treatments

They are breaking the bonds of the hair, So it is a misnomer that they are building the bonds of the hair. All these smoothening treatments - they are actually breaking the bonds 

if you really need to go beauty parlour then Invest in right treatments and nourish your hair, For hair colour - go in for deep conditioning before applying the colour

You want your hair to be stronger before you go in for such treatments. So that your hair can absorb the colour nicely
Rather than getting damaged 

How much hair loss is OK?
20-30 strands in a day, but if you are losing more than that, that is a signal to get your hair fall checked. Usually, the monsoon time you see some more hair loss

What are the warning signs to visit a dermatologist?
Dandruff - People confuse dandruff with itchiness and dry scalp. Dandruff is actually a fungal infection
You need to treat it. It is making the follicle very weak, and hair would start to fall.

Stop oiling your hair. Our moms and grandmoms tell us to apply oil to our hair regularly, but once hair fall started, then stop use oil. Lemon is actually good But only for five minutes, but if you oil it intensively The oil is going to sit in the follicle and attach to dandruff it will not get cleaned up 

Lemon juice or add some camphor and do a five-minute massage don't leave it overnight.

Danger signs

  • Dandruff
  • itchiness
  • Hair fall in clumps
  • patchy hair fall

hormonal disturbances, Get this treated by an endocrinologist 
hair breakage in the middle, Hair tends to snap off that means the bond is weak.

What is the one take away

  • Eating healthy foods
  • Have healthy fats
  • Green juice with beets

Go to the dermatologist before it is too late, Get the solution before it is too late

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